Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow snow...and more snow!!!

Hi Everyone!
Long time no post!! Nothing exciting been happening really. Sorry you've not heard from me for a while it's been a crazy few months believe me, however I'm back now!!! Thought I would let you all see some photo's I took of my back garden! Have you heard about or experienced the "wonderful" snowy weather we've been having in the UK!? Absolutely gorgeous in photos but not so gorgeous when you are trying to keep warm or like my poor Husband and many others, walking to and from work because the Roads were so bad!!
Anyway, here are my photographs.

I've tried to capture the snow in ways that make you go AWWWH!! ...rather than ways that makes you go ARRGHHH!!! Hope you like them.
 Our Cat, Jones has lost his Sun BathingSpot until this thaws out. It would cover him currently!
Table and recliners for Two...don't they look cosy??
Meringue and squirty cream springs to mind for some reason!! hmmh?
Had to show the 'wedding cake' table again it's amazing!!
Icicle from my bedroom window
Bowing Bough
Next doors garage looks like a chalet in the alps
 Same photo with a green filter...We could say an 'alpine' filter??
 "OK, so i tested deh white stuff and i decided i dont lieks it. ai can cums in now??"
                                                                   Snow Blossom

Whiter Shade of Pale
 Cars getting stuck up our Avenue
  Cars getting stuck down our Avenue