Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Final Project for ***MY TIME MADE EASY***

Hello Crafting Friends!

Today is my third and final project for My Time Made Easy - I cannot believe it is the 5th February already!!!
I have had an amazing time and I'm so happy that Lauren and the rest of the Girls at My Team Made Easy gave me the opportunity to show MY creations alongside THEIRS!! An experience I shall never forget!   

SO... For my final project I was asked to use some of the past years products. I knew IMMEDIATELY what I wanted to use..... 
Shop Around © Mega Template
I absolutely adore this template!! I also used :-
Custom Construction Materials © digipapers and one of the
Flower Fusion © digipapers.

I have made A Butterly House! 
(There are one or two "butterfly Houses" around Britain which are actually conservation centres for preserving certain species of Butterfly that are slowly being wiped out, but mine is quite literally a House for Butterflies! he he)

Mariposa Is Spanish for Butterfly.
I Love How the word looks in the Mongrams Defined Stamps.
And I couldnt resist using the gorgeous new butterfly stamp again this time done on acetate and cut out.... well, It IS a butterfly House after all!! 

I found a little ginger cat embellishment too that looks like my Jones!! he he 
I found these gorgeous little pegs with felt daisies on. when I pegged them to some white crimped card and attached to the House, it looked a little bit like a picket fence. How cute is that?? 
 Here's a close up of the Mariposa. I Used glossy accents to go over the letters. I blobbed it a bit on the M which was a real shame but otherwise the idea would have been to look like epoxy resin stickers!

This was the candle holder I made, It was this first thought that inspired the whole project!

And this is it sitting inside the box like a lantern....(obviously with the lid off and the glass protects from the card-DON'T JUST PUT TEALIGHTS IN CARD!!!)
So that's me done!! It's been exciting and fun and I cannot believe it's over. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have made and also if you have been encouraged to try something from the many delicious products at MTME, you won't regret it!!!
Please revisit Lauren and the Girls for the next installment .......HERE

Happy Crafting!!!

Until my next post ..Hugs & TTFN 
Do pop back and see me soon.  

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My 2nd project for MY TIME MADE EASY!!

Hello everyone.

I hope you have been enjoying all the teams' sneak peaks so far!? The Girls at MTME are so talented aren't they? I can't believe they come up with new ideas EVERY month, I only had to do ONE month, I don't know how they do it!!

Well the wait is over.....Yes it's finally February the 1st! This means TODAY YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON THE GOODIES!! Yippee ...and secondly it's my day Two to post another design, I'm so excited.YAY
I was asked to make a project called "Make it Personal" using the brand new stamps set called "Monograms defined" 

So here is my gift set, made for a Dear Friend of mine, named Lois to say Thankyou to her for helping me out and always being a Wonderful Friend! 

I created A gift box using Under Cover © - Pretty Packaging © Template.
I used letter and words from Monograms Defined © – Acrylic Stamp Set
& also an oval frame from Framed Elegance © – Acyrlic Stamp SetIf it looks slightly smaller it's because I have used Shrink plastic!!!

The card - I love the little greetings and words that come with Monograms defined! The text is so cute. you can mix and match the words and make your own sentences too!

The digi-papers are all MTME of course! 
I have used the oval frame from the Framed Elegance stamp set. I didnt realise my black ink was drying out so the impression wasnt good the first time but rather than restamping (which you can do easily with these as they are acrylic), I put some glitter on and left it as I thought it looked shabby chic-what do you think?
I love this template for fitting little gifts in. Perfect size!

The Mobile phone charm - I cut two pieces of large-ish shrink plastic with a scollaped edge (don't forget to add the holes before you shrink it like I did at first he he) then added the F & Friend which I had stamped onto acetate. I added some highlights of colour and glazed it all over to finish. I think it looks like porcelain as does the bracelet.
I did actually enlarge these letters on the computer and printed on shrink plastic so they would be the right size in the end. That's the beauty of having digi-stamps as well as acrylic I suppose where you need to alter the size. I cut out hearts and coloured before shrinking. again then glaze finishes them off to look like antique beads. I am pleased with the final result.

Hope you enjoyed my day two. Do not forget to check out what Lauren has been up to and the girls especially over the next few days....... 

Lauren Meader's Blog is HERE
To visit to store and look at the brand new stamps, cut files, templates, digipapers etc that have been used click HERE       

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!!!

Naomi xxx