Sunday, January 09, 2011

Love hearts...not just for eating!

Whether we love the taste of them or not, everyone loves to open a packet of love hearts and read the little messages to see what they have. Nowadays the ones I buy seem to say "ugly girl" or "get lost", it makes me wonder if the manufacturers are all single or someone broke their heart once!!

But there was once an advert on TV where a man put one in a ring box that said "marry me" and gave it to his girlfriend, and ever since then I always wanted to use lovehearts somehow in my crafting when an appropriate occasion arose. I came up with this card idea a little while ago so I thought I would share with you what was the final result.  
You like? I can confirm the recipient loved the card!!


  1. adorable card. Are the dimensional hearts candy?

  2. Hi Janis
    Only the "Love heart" are candy, the blue one at the top middle is an epoxy sticker that I had. It looks good enough to eat though doesn't it?
    Thanks for your comment.